Cookery School

It has been Jason’s dream to provide a cookery school at cordell’s since he was a kid.  Why a cookery school?  Cookery is the practice or skill of preparing and cooking food.  Cookery schools in Europe focus on teaching the skills and techniques of preparing food to anyone with a desire to learn.  They were typically started to provide knowledge to a local area to further that area’s culinary ambitions.  It is not a culinary school, and does not require that the student attend every class.  Students can choose the classes and topics they wish to learn.  Jason’s passion is helping  people learn to cook and cook well, plus he hopes to inspire a new generation and the community to create new and awesome culinary ideas.  His goal is to create a vibrant food community in which artisans, foodies, locavores, chefs, winemakers, farmers, ranchers, brewers and everyone in between can grow and thrive together.  Therefore, a cookery school!! 

Our class offerings appeal to all skill levels.  The classes are small (8-12) and you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  

Want to attend a class?  Click a class below to learn more and to register!  We cannot wait to see you there!!

Farm Fresh, Spring 2019

Italian Cuisine

Farm Fresh, Summer 2019

Bread 101

Farm Fresh, Fall 2019