About Us

We love to travel and we love food, so we decided to marry the two and create cordell's. We have a passion for great food and great fellowship. We truly believe that anyone can learn to cook and anyone can learn to cook well. Therefore, we want to provide our customers with the highest quality products we can find, and we want to help make cooking less intimidating.

Jason has been cooking for over 26 years and has a passion for helping people learn how to be successful in the kitchen. He loves sharing and teaching about food in a way that allows people to feel confident about what they are doing and to develop a love of cooking.

Joy loves to make things beautiful and believes that good food that is pleasing to the eye enhances your experience.  Joy brings her natural art and design skills to everything that we do at cordell's.  From the design of the store, to our newsletters and shopping bags, Joy wants to create a pleasing experience for our customers.

We hope that we are able to marry our talents and passions to create an experience that our customers truly enjoy.   We hope to make cooking fun for everyone.

Our goal is to make cordell's an edible experience.